Your home is the place you can just completely relax and feel safe inside. What hidden danger can it present to you? Of course if you disregard occasional electric shocks and the occasional spiders and snakes, there’s not much danger present for you inside your home. What about the mini versions of you, how safe is your home for your little toddlers? No matter how much you clean your house, there will always be a hazardous factor for your toddlers within your house itself, in fact over cleanliness can increase the hazardous nature of your home, since you’ll be adding more hazardous chemicals to the equation but you can hire a cleaner that maintains the original appearance of your house.

Chemicals present in your house that can be hazardous for your children

It’s widely accepted that the term hazardous chemicals rings pretty big alarm bells in a persons head. One would be surprised at the sheer number of hazardous chemicals present in your household. What’s the main source of such chemicals? Most of these chemicals are thought to originate from household cleaners itself. Is your household cleaning product very effective at cleaning? If so then check the cleaning product to see if it has a label stating the product is of industrial strength, that means that the cleaning product that you’ve been using to clean your house has very string chemicals that are not meant to be used in households due to a very good chance of building toxic levels of those chemicals within your home.

Researchers have linked a direct link between the profession of commercial cleaners in Sunshine Coast and bladder cancer, despite the numerous precautions that take. If you believe that if your child doesn’t ingest anything that has any sort of toxic chemical on it, they’ll be safe from building toxic levels of the chemical inside their body then you’re wrong. A baby’s respiratory system and skin are always exposed to these kind of chemicals, plus babies tend to touch everything they’re not supposed to touch and put those same fingers in their mouth. Chemicals in cleaning products tend to remain in our system, this means that every time you get exposed to these chemicals, the level of these chemicals in your body tends to increase and reach toxicity. There are three types of chemicals inside the bottles of your household cleaning products, these would be carcinogens, endocrine disrupters and neurotoxins.

Carcinogens are responsible for the development of cancers, as they can create or promote cancers. Endocrine disrupters mimic your hormones and can cause a variety of adverse reactions, such as reducing your fertility, increasing the chance of miscarriage and weaken your immunity system. Neurotoxins present in your household cleaning products simply mess with your head, reducing your intellect.

Do your research and avoid building toxic levels of chemicals within your body, choose a brand that clearly states the chemicals it uses. Simply Google search about these chemicals and you can find everything you need there.