If there are more than two people working with you in your home office you may need to consider having a look at the health and safety policy. Every organisation has to adhere with the policy this is set up in fair for the labors. There are several different categories of policy depending on the nature of the business.


This applies mainly to home offices where the daily job is more of a desk job. If the employee is seated for more than 5 hours in the job, it is advised to get proper office chairs with lumbar support. Most desk job workers suffer form back pain and neck pain due to the ill fitted cheap chairs that are provided for them. This is considered as creating a unhealthy working environment. Some employees have long term spine issues and muscle issues due to seating problems. Woodwrights provide quality NZ made furnitures for your home or office. 

There are many furniture suppliers who manufacture occasional chairs in NZ according to the guidelines, these are slightly expensive but it is worth than having your employee sue you for injuries.

Lighting and ventilation

Unlike office spaces in buildings most homes are not designed to have an office. In this case lighting and ventilation can be a challenge. There is a guided minimum level of ventilation needs to be supplied in to an office space. There should be windows or there should be appropriate air conditioning system installed. Ideally in home offices you can have the office chairs facing the window or a garden to increase the light and ventilation level employees get. These are many benefits to this, if the workers get enough light and ventilation they would be more enthusiastic about the work, gloomy rooms will put them to sleep.

Safety policies

If you are running a small garment or a factory in the home, there are serious health and safety rules that you need to agree. If the workers are working with dye or any other chemicals you are obliged to provide them with high quality protection clothing. If they are working with machines it is a must to train them first and guide them through the health and safety protocols. If any of them are injured while working, you have to take responsibility. In some industries it is a must to insure the employees and the machines on the office. 


This is a common task every home office owner does; if you have stocks of any goods you do a audit every three months. Similarly do a health and safety audit as well to make sure you are adhering to the policy guidelines. If not you can consult the officer and make the relevant changes.

Health and safety of the employees is the most important part of a business. Lot of businesses home based and large scale has faced many legal problems due to not adhering to the guidelines.