There are some important considerations that you should take in to account when looking to buy new hot water systems. For most people, a hot water service will be the single appliance they own with the highest running costs. Up to a quarter of the annual energy consumption of the typical Australian household will be devoted to heating water, so it is particularly important to choose a new hot water service carefully in order to minimise running costs across its lifetime. There are a number of important factors that you should take in to consideration when looking to buy a new hot water service. These factors can include:

• The number of people living in your house, and the amount of hot water you expect to use. Smaller hot water services are cheaper to buy and run, but obviously they are not capable of providing as much everhot hot water as a larger system. This also includes whether you wash clothes in cold or hot water (hint: wash clothes in cold water, as it is much cheaper and also prolongs the life of the clothes).

• The most suitable means of powering the hot water service. This includes factors such as whether your house is already connected to mains gas, the size, slope, and direction of your roof, and the amount of sun light it gets. It is no longer permitted in any state or territory of Australia to install new electric hot water services for domestic use, except in a few limited circumstances such as high rise apartments where other hot water services would not be practical.

• What is the most that you can afford to spend on your new hot water service now? Keep in mind that spending a bit more on a better hot water service such as a Rheem Stellar is likely to save you more over the life time of the hot water system from Bentleigh.

Many moderately sized households find that the most effective hot water service for their needs, particularly if a solar hot water service is not an option, is to buy a continuous flow instantaneous gas hot water service. Unlike older tank based hot water services, a continuous flow instantaneous gas hot water service does not expend unnecessary energy keeping a tank of hot water stocked up, but rather only heats water as it is needed. This has the additional benefit of meaning that the hot water can never ‘run out’: hence the name ‘continuous flow’. This is because there is no tank full of hot water to deplete. The twin benefits of savings in energy and money and continuously flowing hot water mean that continuous flow instantaneous gas hot water is an increasingly popular option for hot water services among many households. Solar hot water is also an increasingly common choice for many households.