You have just moved into your new home. You are overjoyed that you are finally settled in your new home. You have a beautifully landscaped garden complete with a pond and waterfall. You have a uniquely built two storied home that you couldn’t be more proud of. So life seems to be treating you good these days. Your stress levels have come down because now you have a beautiful open area at your own home where you can sit and relax with a hot cup of coffee or tea after a hard day at work. Your friends also visit you once in a while and admire your home and garden. So what more can you expect out of life.
Signs of collapsing
But one day when you come back from work you get the shock of your life when you notice that your home looks as if it has tilted to one side. You take a second look to see if your eyes are playing tricks on you, but no your home has slightly tilted to one side. You cannot believe that your new home is showing distinct signs of collapsing soon after it was built. So what do you do now? It is night time and you cannot contact anybody at this time of the day. But nevertheless you get online and browse through the internet with the hope of finding a solution to your problem. You come across contracting companies that handle building work and while browsing through one of those websites you see homes that have tilted to one side and other pictures of the perfectly positioned straight homes. You realise that these companies handle reblocking which is the term used for homes that have not being levelled properly during the building process.
Customer service hotline
Since the company has a special customer service hotline that operates 24 hours of the day you immediately call up the company. The friendly customer service person who answers the phone tells you that if you can lodge a complaint with them they can send a special team in the morning to look into your matter. You are so pleased that you lodge a complaint and before you know it the team is at your doorstep the following morning. They take a look at your tilting home and tell you that due to the decay in the soil your home has started tilting to one side and that you need to redo the reblocking process to sort out the matter. Click here for more information regarding the reblocking in Townsville.
Complete job in three months
The professionals also tell you that they can undertake the job for you and that your home will be as good as new once they have completed the job in three months.