Silk flora are nothing like real flowers as they have to be taken care of in a different manner. You will require different tools to arrange them in place. Think about the items that you will require based on your budget. Here is how you much arrange silk flora carefully:
SQUEEZE THEM FIRST They are not real which means that they need to be molded or squeezed into place. They can even stretch when they are being shipped from the supplier. Before you do begin try to spread them first so that they do spread equally and evenly. Sometimes you might find wires jutting out so in order to prevent your fingers from getting injured wear a pair of thick gloves so that you can create beautiful silk flower bouquets in Australia.
MEASURE AND TRIM THE STEM You must always measure before you begin the process. Think about the size as carefully as you can they must be around 1.5 to 2 in height based on the container of your choice. Do not pick large containers if you have small flowers as they will only appear to emphasize the container more. Pick them based on the size and look of your flora.
FIGURE OUT HOW TO SUPPORT THE STEM You must figure out a great way to support the stems. You can use Styrofoam or even a thick cardboard like sponge which will allow the metal stem wires to be passed through. This will ensure that the silk flower bouquets do not move when being transported to the venue. If they are not secured in place them can come out midway which will require more time to fix them back in place. Hold on to the stem area carefully and make sure you do bend or mark the area you want to stick it into. Try to leave a lot of room especially if you are using a deep jar or vase.
ADD AN EXTENSION Try to add an extension as much as you can. You might have stem parts jutting out but if you do save what you cut them you can reattach them with some glue. This will help you reuse the flowers rather than throwing them out. Do make sure that your remnants are at least around 3-4 inches in thickness. You can even use dried flora or even Eucalyptus for the task. Remember that arranging fake flowers are not always easy especially if you do have the right tools in place ask an experienced friend or a florist for some assistance. This way you will not end up ruining the look of your flowers.