Allergies are one of the most common medical concerns, especially during the spring and summer months. Pollen, animal fur, and dust can exacerbate allergies and cause great discomfort. Even seasonal fruit can cause allergic reactions.

If you or your family members are susceptible to allergies, especially those caused by natural elements such as dust, it is important to ensure that your home and home environment is designed to lessen any allergic triggers, and overall eliminates the exacerbation of allergies that your family members might have.

Windows and doors

During the hotter months of the year, especially the summer months, allergies are known to worsen. It is important therefore to ensure that issues related to pollen and dust are minimized around your home. Vacuuming at least once a day will help in eliminating allergy concerns caused by dust and dust mites. Carpeted areas should be given special attention when cleaning and vacuuming, as they are ideal places in which dust can gather. Look here if you are looking for planter box waterproofing.

In terms of pollen allergies, it is best to keep windows closed during the evenings to prevent any pollen gathering inside your home. Any plants that release large amounts of pollen can also be removed from your garden to reduce pollen-related allergies. For hay fever, it is best to be prepared by approaching your physician about anti-contestants to assist you in regulating your allergies.

Damp can also trigger allergies. Companies that specialize in weatherproofing homes can provide you with damp specialist Sydney to fix any areas of your home that is susceptible to damp and thereby grow mould.

Seasonal fruit

Although some seasonal fruit are safe, others can cause serve allergic reactions. Some fruits, such as strawberries, can cause allergies if consumed excessively, even if you were able to consume them normally before. This claim has not been conclusively tested through scientific research, but is has been seen to affect a significant segment of the population. It is best, therefore, to consume seasonal fruit in moderation and monitor their consumption by young children in your home, to prevent any allergy-related flair-ups.

Pet fur

Unfortunately, the shedding of pet fur can trigger allergies in many individuals. While some are only allergic to cat or dog fur, others are allergic to animal fur in general. These allergies can range from mild forms to severe reactions. Therefore, if purchasing a pet, it is important to first test your family members, especially if they are susceptible to many allergies as it is, to see if they are allergic to pet fur. You may also instead opt to purchase a breed of dog, for example, that have hair instead of fur.