Some people are born businesspersons; they can wheel a deal and negotiate a reduction into the bargain. The whole point of a deal and/or a transaction is to get the maximum benefits and hopefully create a win-win situation and avoid playing a zero-sum game. Here are a few deals and transactions in which you can ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Buying a House

Real-estate agents are always on the lookout for ways to increase their commission which is calculated as a percentage of the selling or buying price (depending on which side contacts them). This means that they will inflate the price of the house as much as possible so that their fee and commission inflates accordingly. To prevent that make sure you hire a professional evaluator for building and pest inspections Melbourne to conduct pre purchase inspections of the house and grounds.

The house in question may have many faults and flaws that should be repaired before the sale; pre purchase inspections will highlight these features and you may even be able to get the owners to fold the cost of the repairs in to the price of the house. Visit this link for more details on pre purchase inspections in Melbourne.

Buying a Car

Car dealers are experts at meaningless prattle. Few will ever even say the price of the car in question out loud. That remains a figure on the calculator which they will shame-facedly hold up to your horror-stricken face. Car salespeople are skilled at padding on the extra dollars for unnecessary features and additions to the vehicle which they will attempt to pass off as essential to the longevity of the car. The only way to challenge this is to either do your research before you go, or take someone with you who knows and understands cars. That way you will know immediately if someone tries to sell you a car over the current market value. They will cite tax increments, hold-ups and fines at customs, delays in production and even the weather as explanations for the increased prices. Know your tax rates, customs excise and the market value of productions (both brand new and used) before you step into the dealership.

Buying Jewellery

Since costume jewellery is so popular these days, few people spend their money on actual jewellery. But if you ever plan to, there are some things you should know before stepping out: gold is an excellent investment; diamonds are not; silver will tarnish over time; coloured and semi-precious stones are not huge investments, but hold their value in an emergency. Jewellers will try to tell you that diamonds are the most valuable stones in the world and that they are a great investment. The scarcity and value was artificially created by De Beers the diamond merchants and used stones never hold their market value. Gold is more tenacious; prices may rise and fall sporadically, but since the US dollar is tied to the price of gold, it eventually always rises in value. Silver will dull after a while and tarnish after about 20 years unless taken care of carefully. Know the properties and values of precious stones and material before you go shopping, and go to several places to determine which has the best workmanship.