People have the habit of enjoying the luxurious city life, and this is the reason why urbanization is increasing gradually. Because of this reason many trees were cut off and new and modern infrastructure based high rise buildings replace those gardens and greenery. Forests got demolished totally and as a result, people have to struggle for rains. Cultivation became difficult for the farmers due to lack of rains in proper time. Even people in the cities have to suffer from water problem because of these reasons.

Tree trimming services are used to cut off the large trees that can give shade to the animals, people and can be useful for many other purposes. The urbanization is changing the ecological balance and thus results in the hazards like global warming. Huge trees can emit more percent of oxygen and absorbs the carbon dioxide from nature. People can have fresh air from the trees, and they can also help in reducing the air pollution to a large extent.

To overcome these problems, it can be the social responsibility of every citizen to plant a tree which can help people in many ways. Most of the people like to maintain their home gardens which can include different varieties of herbs, bushes, creepers and many more plants. Some people like to improve their kitchen gardens where they can have different vegetable and other plants that can be useful for their kitchen.

For maintaining the kitchen garden, it is very important to have an idea about the vegetable plants and people have to plant them keeping some particular distance in between each variety. Vegetable plants need not require any specific temperature and a little care is needed to save them from birds and other insects. Nowadays, it has become common for the people to use organic food products that are available in the home gardens without using any s available outside are grown using pest control stuff which is not good for the health of the people.

These pest control products can affect the health of the people and sometimes they may become the cause of the dreadful diseases like cancers. The first thing people have to do is to analyze the soil types and according to that, they can choose the plants for their gardens. Different types of soils like clay, sandy and loam soils, etc. are the common types that are available and based on the kind mulching is carried out which can help in improving the fertility of the ground. Many greenery and plantation development organizations are providing various tree services, garden maintenance, and plantation etc. They also conduct different sessions for the people and explain them about plantation and maintaining different types of home gardens.