A generation ago, parents were criticized heavily for making children ‘work’: washing cars, mowing lawns etc. So a generation of millennials grew up not really having to do chores and only ‘working’ if they needed some extra pocket money.

Today, new research suggests that children need to learn to work early in their homes as it teaches them a basic value that is imperative for their future lives – responsibility. Without responsibility, many children turn into reckless and careless teenagers, who in turn become moody and entitled adolescents and young adults and finally, become adults who are self-obsessed and has a chip on their shoulder about the world being unfair. In order to counter all this, child and development experts are once again urging parents to allow and even mandate that children help out around the house and not simply focus on academics. Visit http://www.campbellsblindsandawnings.com.au/cafe_blinds.html for more cafe blinds in Melbourne.

So here are some easy chores that children as young as 6 or 7 can do around the house.

Using Elbow Grease

Cleaning is one of the easiest but time-consuming tasks in the world. It will teach your children to be patient, thorough but quick since no energetic child will like staying in one place and cleaning the outside awnings Melbourne. Show them how it’s done by doing it with them a few times, and then gently make them do it on their own. Cleaning is a monotonous task for anyone except children who like it because it is soothing so try not to assign it to them too many times, or they will refuse to do it.

Simple Cooking and Prep

Some parents shy away from all things sharp and pointy, while others allow their children to use knives and peelers freely under strict supervision. Children that grow up around common kitchen tools do grow up better prepared for life outside the home as they know how to peel carrots and onions, chop and dice veggies and maybe even make a simple omelette. Remember that children learn fast and as long as you show them where the dangers lie and how to avoid it, they will be fine. After all, even cafe blinds can be dangerously sharp around the edges if you are not careful. Start off by letting them mix a batter, wash vegetables and fruits, and once they are a little older, graduate them to peeling vegetables and eventually letting them cook, bake and cut. If your children grow up with a strong work ethic where they learn that everyone in a house has to contribute to keeping it clean, they will blossom into responsible adults who contribute with just as much effort to keeping the world running too.