Stones are used for flooring for centuries and this is a hard and durable material, which lasts for years. It makes the appeal of a home better and increases the resale value. It has natural colour and pattern and it keeps the house warm during winter. Natural stones are made from earth, thus it has variety of colors and quality. So, when you are going to purchase, you must know for what purpose you will use those stones, such as whether you will use it for bedroom, kitchen or bathroom because there are different stones available for different areas of home. Here are some common tips for flooring.


This is the most common stone you will see everywhere and it is cheap also. Metamorphic rock easily converts into sheets of slate which are sold in the market. The thickness will depend on your budget and when it is thick enough then this will be durable and do not easily decay. However, if needed, you can opt for floor restoration services to make your floor look like new.


This is the stone which not only looks like royal, but also has many characteristics, and this is why it has a huge demand in the market. This requires maintenance as it gets easily stained but you can clear it easily. But people prefer this because it has many colors and attractive textures, and this is also a sturdy material. In case, you need to fix any issue on your marble floor, you can hire floor restoration services.


This is also a very common type and there are categories of it, such as marble or limestone, which are sold in the market. It is a kind of sedimentary rock and it is softer than limestone. It is not glossy like other stones, but it has a matte finish style which is unique. It has a characteristic that it can keep the house warm than other stones.


This is the sturdiest material of all kinds of stones, it can repel water and has shiny surface. You can use this in indoors as well as outdoors, and this is also available in various colors and patterns.


It is a kind of calciferous stone like travertine and this is a good choice for flooring purpose as this is a hard material. As various patterns available, if you choose wisely, you can get patterns which look like wood. But it is not a good choice for outdoors as it absorbs water.


This metamorphic rock has a variety of colors and when you install this in your home, then the other furniture and articles can easily matched with its color.